Help Purchasing

1.How do I register for a PUAroom account?

Visit the PUAroom Official Store Website at, click the “Login” button at the upper right corner of the home page to enter the creat account registration page.
Enter your email address, username, password and password again.
Make sure that your email is valid and you choose a password you can remember.

2.How do I retrieve a password?

Click “LOGIN” button at the top right corner of the PUAroom Official Store website to go to the login page.
Enter your registered email address and click “Forgot password?” next to the “LOGIN” button.
You will be sent an email with a link to retrieve your password. Only click this link once.

3.How do I change my password?

Login your account and select “My Account” on the left of the page and find and click “Change Password” under your email address.
Enter current password, new password and retype new password, and click “SAVE” button.

4.How do I change the registered email address for my PUAroom account?

Enter a valid email address when you register, since this address cannot be changed after registration.
If you want to change your email address, we recommend registering for another PUAroom account with a new email address.